11 July 2019

Owner of an apartment in the building located in Aerodrom

In 2012, I moved to Skopje, Macedonia due to job change. I asked for a one bedroom apartment. Since I do not know anyone in Skopje, I had to look at many different apartments in many different locations. Taking into account the quality of the construction, the interesting location Aerodrom - Skopje, as well as the business communication and cooperation of the investors, I decided for the company Pandev DOO. The process of buying an apartment was going very fast and without any problems. I had a legal service available all the time, everything went through the lawyer's / notary offices and there were no problems even when it was necessary to make payments from abroad (Serbia). I bought an apartment of 40m2, in the municipality of Aerodrom, from Pandev DOO. The apartment was of exceptional quality, excellent layout, beautiful parquet. The bathrooms and kitchens were made using the Spanish ceramics. The thermal isolation was excellent. With the apartment I bought a garage at level -2. The garage was built according to highest standards (safety fire doors, ventilation, flood pumps ...). After a few years, I got married, and I needed a bigger apartment. I wanted to sell the old apartment and buy a new one. Very soon (in less than a month) I sold the apartment and bought a bigger apartment. I do not need to mention that I bought an apartment from the same investor in the same building ? It had the same quality but came with a couple of square meters more.