project Tetovska No. 40, Skopje

Total area of land:358m2
Total net built area:1484m2
Building year:2020

Our next investment in residential housing is located at Str. Tetovska No. 40, in the municipality of Centar in Skopje. The total net built area is 1484m². The realization of the investment started on September 2, 2020, and it was completed in September 2021. This investment is situated in the city center, near the high school Korcagin, offering a prime location. The building consists of 16 apartments, all of which were sold during the one-year period of realization.

The housing is designed with high-temperature and sound isolation, boasting a modern and urban look, providing all the amenities suitable for the modern and dynamic lifestyle of the city.

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The building is near:

  • Детска градинка Пинокио Центар – 700м
  • ОУ 11 Октомври -450м
  • СУГС Гимназија Корчагин – 200м
  • Универзитет Кирил и Методи – 1,6kм
  • Веро Џамбо – 850м
  • Трговски центар ГТЦ – 700м
  • Градски Клинички Центар ,Собрание на РМ -500м.
  • Поликлиника МВР – 230м.
  • Плоштад-центар Скопје – 1.1км
  • Олимписки базен – 400м
  • Црвен крст на РМ – 170м
  • Железничка и Автобуска станица – 1.1км
  • Зелен пазар – 450м
  • Стара чаршија – 1,5км
  • It is located in a top location, which, although it is located in the heart of the city of Skopje, is still a quiet place to live in close proximity to everything needed for a good, modern and safe life.
  • All necessary service and service activities, administrative and institutional facilities such as kindergarten, schools, supermarkets, market, park, hospitals and others are located in the surroundings.

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