11 July 2019

Architect Gjoko Dinev

I use the opportunity and I applaud the initiative of the company Pandev DOO Skopje to present its buildings on a web site that will be available for everyone. With the company Pandev DOO Skopje, we started cooperating since the middle of 2000 when for the first time I made a bold step in the field of investing in apartment buildings on the territory of the municipality of Centar in Skopje, which in general requires a lot of courage and patience to meet all the administrative requirements as well as the requests of the former owners of the construction plots, so you can to start a construction of a building. I was involved as an architect-designer and I consider myself responsible for all the objects invested by the company Pandev. The buildings that I designed along with my colleagues in the design office Aura Invest, later Aura Project, were characterized by a commitment to the requirements of the investor, as well as the assumed needs and requirements of the future buyers of the housing units in the facilities that resulted in their acceptance by buyers in every way: functionality, area, aesthetics, interior options and feasibility. I was primarily looking out for the needs of the families who would live in the housing units, but also the requirements of the investor. The investor, again, I have to notice that it has been following my recommendations in every way, so that all facilities were carried out within the planned time frame, all tenants received the apartments as they expected in terms of price and quality. The company Pandev DOO Skopje, during the construction of the facilities, were very careful to comply with all the procedures in accordance with the Construction Law, which results in realization in the facilities without any obstacles. All facilities are constructed according to valid regulations and standards, that is, in full compliance with the Basic Projects, and today is very rare for the investor to not fall fully under the influence of the commercial pressure to save in materials and to the detriment of the quality of the buidling. Our cooperation is still ongoing and I hope I will not let down Pandevi's demands as investors in the future.