11 July 2019

Mr.Pharm Maria Shkvarcha Popovska – PHI Pharmacy Maria Galen Farm Skopje

When I decided to open my own business (pharmacy), apart from the location, also it was very important for me with whom I would cooperate (starting from renting the business premises). A steady and professional attitude was observed at the first meeting, so with that we negotiated the details without any obstacles, and we are still functioning well for ten full years. The owners of Pandev DOO, whose business premises I rent, are literally always interested and present for any need on my part and are always here when I need them. The stability of the company in every way enables me to do my job smoothly, and the employees level of professionalism is high. In the future, for each of my real estate needs, Pandev DOO would be the first company I will address, primarily because of the high quality, but also the honest and professional attitude, which today is really rare. Anyone who understands and wants a good quality himself will recognize it.