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One of the most important things in life is our own home; every story begins there. Our company, Pandev LTD, has a tradition of providing stability, comfort, and warmth to our clients' homes. Our story began in May 1990 when the company Yugometal was formed, which was later renamed Pandev LTD in 1997. Since 2001 and up to the present day, we have been investing in residential and business facilities.
Professionalism, sincerity, and principles are our trademarks and the pillars of our way of life. With extensive business experience both in and out of Macedonia, we are among the few, if not the only, company that has invested in residential buildings in Germany.
We work efficiently and strive for quality, always in line with the given dynamics. It brings us great pleasure to ensure the happiness and contentment of everyone involved. We aspire to be present and responsible for the development of our society – something we can be proud of and that sets us apart. Our commitment to swift execution, adherence to deadlines, and providing a comprehensive property list upon project completion is something we are known for, eliminating additional waiting periods.



The company Yugometal Strumica was founded, specializing in the production of toilet paper under the brand name Alfros. It was one of only two companies in the former Yugoslavia territory engaged in the manufacturing of augers and cylinders for machines, alongside Beliche.


Renamed the company to Pandev LTD, and we expanded our production capabilities to include polyethylene and polypropylene wrapping.


We also ventured into the production of polyethylene hose for optical cables. In addition to our new production line, we initially started our journey with real estate investments. Our first building, consisting of 8 apartments, is located at Str. Hristo Smirnevski No. 55, CS Centar 1 (behind Radio Bran). Construction commenced in March 2001 and was successfully completed in December 2001, with the entire construction process spanning 9 months.


Our second building, comprising 12 apartments, is located at Str. Bagdatska No. 3, Karposh, just opposite the restaurant Sidro. Construction started in August 2002 and ended in April 2003.


The third building, which consists of 12 apartments, is situated at Str. Majakovski No. 3 in Centar 1, opposite the Universal Hall in Skopje, and behind the café Broz. Construction commenced in June 2003 and was completed in May 2004, with a total construction period of 11 months.


The fourth building, comprising 15 apartments, is situated at Str. Crvena Voda No. 8, next to Broz cafe. The construction of the building was completed within a total period of 12 months.


The fifth building, consisting of 11 apartments, is situated at Str. Dane Krapcev No. 13 in Centar 1 (Debar Maalo). The construction and handover of property lists to the owners were completed within a total period of 8 months.


The sixth building, comprising 59 apartments, is situated at Str. Vangel Todorovski No. 17 in the municipality of Aerodrom, near the polyclinic Jane Sandanski. Construction of the building commenced in June 2011 and was successfully completed in November 2012.


Our seventh building is situated in the city of Melsungen, Germany, which positions us among the few companies that have invested in Germany, upholding the highest European standards. Construction commenced in December 2015 and was successfully completed in April 2017.


Re-branding of the company Pandev LTD. We have made a new investment in residential buildings located at Str. Branislav Nushikj No. 6 in the municipality of Karposh.


We have successfully completed our project located at Str. Branislav Nushikj No. 6 in the municipality of Karposh.


The two buildings, located at Str. Tetovska No. 40 in Centar and Str. Srećko Puzhalka No. 52 in the Cento neighborhood, which commenced construction in 2020, has now been completed.


A new project is being launched at Str. Vostanička No. 33 in the Crnice neighborhood.

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Projects Finished and current


Str. Vostanicka No. 33, Crniche

0 apartments for sale

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Str. Tetovska No. 40, Skopje

0 apartments for sale

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Str. Srekjko Puzhalka No. 52 Chento, Skopje

0 apartments for sale

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Testimonials satisfied customers

We would like to publicly express our gratitude to Pandev DOO for the efficiency and effectiveness as well as the quality of the construction of the residential building on str. Dane Krapcev no.13 Municipality of Centar (Debar Maalo), where are also owners of an apartment in the same building. The construction works were carried out […]

Aneta and Vlatko Mitevi
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Our cooperation started in 2011, the principle and quality would be emphasized as the main attributes of Pandev DOO, as user of one of the apartments at the residential buidling located at “Crvena Voda no. 8”. The building was built in 2005 and to date I have no objections of its quality. I recommend to […]

Kalin Babushku – Manager and owner of “Macedonia Export”
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As associates and owners of an apartment in the residential building located in Aerodrom built in 2012, we have a unique chance, but also an obligation to report on our cooperation with the Pandev DOO company. As contractors of the project, we can freely emphasize that the quality is at the highest level, and I […]

Goce Gjonoski – Manager of “Zenit Mont”
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I use the opportunity and I applaud the initiative of the company Pandev DOO Skopje to present its buildings on a web site that will be available for everyone. With the company Pandev DOO Skopje, we started cooperating since the middle of 2000 when for the first time I made a bold step in the […]

Architect Gjoko Dinev
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When I decided to open my own business (pharmacy), apart from the location, also it was very important for me with whom I would cooperate (starting from renting the business premises). A steady and professional attitude was observed at the first meeting, so with that we negotiated the details without any obstacles, and we are […]

Mr.Pharm Maria Shkvarcha Popovska – PHI Pharmacy Maria Galen Farm Skopje
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In 2012, I moved to Skopje, Macedonia due to job change. I asked for a one bedroom apartment. Since I do not know anyone in Skopje, I had to look at many different apartments in many different locations. Taking into account the quality of the construction, the interesting location Aerodrom – Skopje, as well as […]

Owner of an apartment in the building located in Aerodrom
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